Mojave Republic, from photographer Edward Donato aka Eduardus Donatella (TM).

Exciting new feature length documentary shot at night in the Mojave Desert. Large scale photography, landscapes, portraits and unusual contraptions from a vast and mysterious realm in the Southern California Desert. Currently in production. Mojave Republic, a documentary film and exciting coffee table book. Coming soon! The project has been in the works for the last three years, covering and capturing the night time desert landscapes, subjects and many atmospheric elements.The photographs and footage have been filmed in some of the most remote locations in the Mojave Desert. Shot in large format 4x5 and high resolution motion picture, promises these are some of the most beautiful images ever created.

The Mojave Desert occupies less than 50,000 square miles (130,000 km), making it the smallest of the deserts in North America. In Los Angeles: traveling north up the 14 freeway from the 5 freeway; after about a forty minute drive up though the canyon, you'll find the gateway to the beautiful Mojave Desert. One of the most mysterious and beautiful deserts in the world. The Mojave ranges from north Los Angeles County to Las Vegas, Nevada and into Arizona and Utah. In the Southern California region, The Joshua tree is featured prominently through out the landscape. Joshua Tree National Park, which is over twelve hundred square miles, has become a very popular hiking area and camp ground.

The Documentary film and coffee table book, Mojave Republic are coming 2023.

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Edward Donato/ Eduardus Donatella (TM) Los Angeles.